Petrol bombs thrown at trader's house

KLANG, Malaysia - A 54-year-old businessman's house in Aman Perdana came under attack in the wee hours yesterday after two men tossed bottles containing a flammable liquid, damaging his front porch and the back of his Mazda car.

Moses Muthiah said he was awakened during the 2.30am incident when his dog started barking.

"When I rushed down, I saw my porch on fire and two men fleeing on a motorcycle.

"I then realised that my car, which was parked outside, was damaged," he said after lodging a police report.

Moses, who believed the bottles contained petrol, said he could not note down the number plate of the motorcycle.

A security guard manning the housing area said he spotted a Proton Iswara making a few rounds in the area before the incident.

"It was as if the car was inspecting the area before the men on the motorcycle threw the explosive materials," he said.