Phone bill shocker: Woman charged $2,080 after 1-day trip to Malacca

A traveller was shocked when she was billed $2,020 for data roaming during a one-day trip to Malacca on Feb 7, with her total bill amounting to a final cost of $2080.80.

Stomp contributor Priscilla said she drove to Malacca and had used data roaming while using Google maps.

She also said this was not the first time she drove to Malaysia, nor was it the first time she used data roaming overseas.

But when she received her bill, she found out that her data roaming charges amounted to $2020 just for a day's usage.

Priscilla said she called Starhub over the issue, and was told that "data roaming costs $24 per MB if you're not roaming on their preferred network".

"$18 per day for unlimited data roaming is only when you roam on their preferred network," she added.

"I questioned the Starhub officer who called me on why I was still charged for data roaming when I was roaming on their preferred networks, Umobile and DiGi Telecom, and he had no answer.

"If you notice, I was sometimes charged for it (before 10am) and sometimes not charged (after 10am).

"I really can't understand how these charges are calculated. I was offered a 30 per cent waiver and instalment plans.

"But I stressed to the officer that I'm not paying because I don't have the money and I din the amount quite ridiculous.

"I have not received any responses since my last conversation with them on Feb 26."

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