Pimply and pretty: 18-year-old Malaysian girl unafraid to flaunt her flawed skin

PHOTO: Instagram

Unlike other 'Insta-famous' users, 18-year-old Charisa Debully from Malaysia frequently posts photos of herself with no makeup, bearing her pimples and scars for all her 16,000 followers to see.

However, being able to be confident with her own looks did not come easy for her.

Charisa told Malaysia news website MStar, "Sometimes when I'm out in public, random strangers would just come up to me and start giving me comments about my face."

"They asked why I did not see a doctor, when I had already done various treatments that cost thousands of dollars."

"It's painful when someone scoffs, but I'm adjusting. Maybe it's because they don't understand that pimples can break out due to other factors you can't control, like hormone imbalances and genetic factors."

Initially, she tried to take medication to help control her acne outbreak, however the side effects which include vomiting, were too much for her to bear.

She decided to stop paying attention to what other people were saying about her face and now spreads the positive message of being comfortable with your own looks and that beauty is more than just your physical appearance.

She has also received praise from other Instagram users.

Photo: Instagram screengrab

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