Plans for world's largest botanical garden in M'sia comes to nothing

Dilapidated: The orchid garden appears to have deteriorated over time.

MALAYSIA - The Government's plans to turn the agriculture park in Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam, covering over 817ha of agro forestland, into the world's largest botanical garden has come to nothing.

It is a sorry sight now, even after RM141 million (S$54.8 million) was allocated in 2007 for upgrading works to be carried out in two phases.

It was also renamed the National Botanical Garden Shah Alam some time ago.

The Fishery Lake, Air Kuning Dam, Rabbit Farm, Cocoa Garden, Idyllic Village, Artistes Summit, Sapu Tangan Peak, Cherakah Watch Tower, Arboretum, Coconut Grove, Star Fruit Garden and Tropical Fruits Garden at the park are neglected and shabby-looking, and no longer an attraction.

Understandably, visitors are complaining about the state of affairs.

To see the situation up close, StarMetro visited the park recently and found it deplorable indeed.

If anything, only the recently re-opened Four Seasons Temperate House was worth seeing.

There are four climate-control rooms that mimic the climate conditions of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

To see more, the StarMetro team bought tickets costing RM3 (S$1.10) for the tram ride, along with other visitors.

The driver simply drove us around. There was no interaction or announcements over the loud speaker highlighting attractions at the park, or even stops to see more of a particular area.