PM Najib: Rally goers don't love the nation

PM Najib: Rally goers don't love the nation

JERANTUT - Those organising and taking part in Bersih 4 are smearing Malaysia's good name by demonstrating instead of honouring and commemorating the country's National Day tomorrow, said the Prime Minister.

Questioning their patriotism, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak expressed disappointment that a meaningful celebration for the country was marred by a rally.

"Many people have sacrificed their lives and shed blood, sweat and tears for this country so that we can enjoy our independence.

"But instead of honouring the likes of (independence fighters) Dol Said, Mat Kilau and Tok Janggut and the army and police personnel, they are demonstrating and causing a split in our society," said Najib in his address to delegates at the Jerantut Umno division meeting here yesterday.

"This is the time for us to stand together, hand-in-hand, despite our differences. We should fly the Jalur Gemilang and count our blessings that we live in a peaceful country.

"But what is happening only goes to show that these people do not love the country," the Umno president added.

Umno, reminded Najib, had also played an integral role in fighting for the country besides upholding race and religion, and despite changes, the values that the party held had remained unchanged.

Members, he added, must continue to love and be loyal to the party at all times.

"Times have changed and Umno must embrace these changes. For instance, we need to use more social media to get across to members and fight our adversaries. But our values must remain the same," he said.

At the Temerloh Umno division meeting, Najib reminded party members of the five "S" - setia (loyalty), bersatu (united), semangat (spirit), santun (decorum) and servis (service).

Members, Najib said, must be united under the party flag because the country would be strong only if Umno was strong, adding that ­loyalty was equally crucial.

"If there's a need to choose, I will pick loyalty instead of intelligence. We can always look for people who are smart, but loyalty is priceless.

"I also want Umno to be good at serving the public as this will endear the people to us," he said.

Najib also pointed out the importance of members having the spirit (semangat) to defend the party at all costs and the need to maintain decorum (santun) by thrashing all disagreements behind closed doors and not in public.

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