Police: Case of boy who fell from school wall an accident

SEREMBAN - Police have concluded that the case of a six-year-old boy who fell from a school corridor wall in Paroi was an "accident".

The pre-schooler was seen with an older boy with autism on the second floor of the school block at about 1pm on Wednesday, moments before he fell.

Police said the older boy, a 12-year-old pupil from a class of children with special needs, was seen playfully lifting the younger child up the wall.

"The little boy lost his balance and fell," Seremban OCPD ACP Muhd Zaki Harun told reporters here yesterday. "The older boy was seen trying to grab him, but couldn't."

A teacher found the victim sprawled on the ground floor and rushed him to a nearby clinic.

The boy suffered injuries to his head and pelvis. He also injured his right thigh and broker his left arm.

He has since been moved to the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital.

ACP Muhd Zaki said police interviewed three Standard Five pupils who witnessed the incident. "They all gave similar accounts of what happened," he said.

"They said the older boy wanted to play with them but they walked away as the school hours had ended."

ACP Muhd Zaki said that shortly before the incident, the older boy's 17-year-old brother had come to his class on the ground floor to take him home.

"The boy, however, ran up to the second floor. A few minutes later, the pre-schooler fell off the corridor wall," he added.

ACP Muhd Zaki said police questioned the autistic pupil but he did not seem to remember what happened.

Investigations found that the victim and his older brother had gone up to the second floor to meet their mother, who is a teacher at the school. The elder brother then went down alone.

The victim's 38-year-old father said he was grateful that his son, the youngest of three children, was in stable condition.

"Doctors performed a CT scan and an MRI and they found no internal bleeding," he said, adding that his son was conscious and could recognise him.