Police concerned over students' unrestricted Internet access

KOTA KINABALU - Police have voiced concerns over students' unsupervised access to the Internet through their smartphones as it led some of them into committing crimes.

"There is so much information available online. Without the guidance of parents and teachers, things can happen," Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib said.

Although peer pressure was a key factor, he said the prevalence of smartphone usage among students to access the Internet could not be ignored.

Speaking at the launch of a Crime Prevention Club at the Kota Kinbabalu High School here, Hamza noted that 28 students were arrested in Sabah last year for rape.

They were among 223 students held for various offences.

He said other students were arrested for murder (two), robbery (nine), various thefts (74), motorcycle thefts (49), house break-ins (36), causing injury (24) and snatch theft (one).

Hamza said between January and March, 10 students were detained for rape, adding that they were among 83 students held within that period for various offences.

However, he said police had not detected any student in Sabah involved in organised gangs.

Hamza said activities organised by Crime Prevention Clubs in 189 schools around Sabah were being stepped up to deter students from becoming involved in crime.

"Our school liaison officers will be closely monitoring the activities of these clubs," he added.

He said special notice boards were also being put up in schools to provide information about the Crime Prevention Clubs.