Police expose symbols of underworld gangs

KUALA LUMPUR - Police have exposed the symbols and logos of underworld gangs to stop them from recruiting new members.

Bukit Aman's gambling, vice and secret societies division chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Jalil Hassan said the disclosure of the symbols and logos would help educate those who were unaware and join these gangs inadvertently.

"We have received information that children as young as 15 are joining gangs," he told a press conference yesterday.

He said there had been cases of gang members gathering outside schools to entice students to join them, he said, adding that so far, no politician or celebrity had been found to be linked to gangs.

SAC Jalil said the authorities were not just going after 49 organisations unidentified as secret society by the Home Ministry but would also freeze and seize their assets.

"Anyone who is a member or conducting business for the gang listed or even have any documents, books, logos or flags related to the gangs can face up to five years imprisonment or maximum RM15,000 (S$6,00) fine.

"We are declaring war against the gangs.

"We will go to the ground and see whether any symbol is being used, especially in funeral processions.

"If they are using the logos, then we will ask them to take them down."

SAC Jalil reiterated that police would not relent on their war against the gangs, despite the risk of repercussions from the underworld.