Police hunting for 'singing' shopper who showed off her breast at Malaysian mall

The woman apparently gave an impromptu singing performance with a band which was engaged by the Suria Sabah mall to entertain shoppers.
PHOTO: Video screengrabs

KOTA KINABALU - A woman was caught on video singing to shoppers at a mall here. Nothing sensational there.

But what made the video go viral was that one of the woman's breasts could be seen "popping out" of her skimpy top as she sang to the small crowd.

City police chief Asst Comm M.Chandra said the singer could be a transvestite, and police could not confirm although the physique was that of a woman.

"We need this person to come forward before we can confirm anything," he said adding that police were acting on reports of an obscene act being committed in public.

ACP Chandran said police were looking for 24-year-old man, Rayndi Jubidi, to assist in the investigations.

"From what we received, a woman was shopping with some friends when she saw a band playing so she requested to sing with them," ACP Chandran said.

According to witnesses, the woman's breast could be seen as she tried to cover it with her blouse.

ACP Chandra said the woman continued singing for about four minutes before leaving with her friends.

"An investigation is being carried out for the lewd act," he said.

He advised people, especially women, to dress and act appropriately in public.

"This is to preserve harmony in society and to prevent them from being sexually assaulted," ACP Chandra added.

Facebook users respond to the Suria Sabah mall's post below:

Suria Sabah mall's explanation of the situation:

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