Police sniff out 'faeces gang'

IPOH - A gang of thieves in Ipoh is leaving a souvenir behind everytime they rob a house.

The police are trying to track down the group which urinates and defecates in the living room of each house they rob.

The group, dubbed as the geng tahi or "faeces gang", is believed to be practising black magic to put a "spell" on the home owners.

Metro Ahad reported that the group recently broke into a house in Taman Aked in Menglembu, Ipoh, when the owners were away.

"The owners returned and found that their passports, a computer and some cash from a piggy bank were missing."

"What was most disturbing was when they found human faeces in between the kitchen and the living room," said a police source.

The victims later lodged a report at the Menglembu police station.

The source said there had been a few previous cases whereby thieves had done the same and even watched television at the homes they robbed before leaving.

A man says he can no longer have sex with his wife after he was "cursed" by a woman he previously had had an affair with.

Metro Ahad reported that the man, only known as Farhan, had an affair with his maid and then fired her as he was afraid his wife would find out about his infidelity. The maid was hired to help take care of his wife during her confinement period.

The woman, he said, had seduced him many times and he ended up having sex with her. He fired her as soon as the confinement period was over.

"It has been almost five years since I have been 'together' with my wife. Everytime I want to have sex with her, I feel like there is something stopping me, and I become weak," said Farhan, who claimed that the maid had used black magic on him.

However, he said, the black magic did not stop him from feeling lustful towards other women.

"I even went for a medical check-up but nothing was wrong with me," he said. "I am now seeking treatment and things are slowly getting better," he added.