Police stops suicidal woman with two knives

RAWANG - Police were called in to calm a woman who wanted to take her own life at an apartment in Bukit Beruntung here.

Hulu Selangor OCPD Supt R. Supramaniam said the woman, 22, was allegedly holding a meat cleaver and a knife, threatening to kill herself in a bedroom.

"Her lover and family were in the living room at the time of the incident.

"After talking to her for some time, my personnel managed to coax her to put down the knife and meat cleaver," he said.

The incident occurred at 1.48am yesterday at the apartment in Taman Bunga Raya.

The woman and her family were taken to the Bukit Beruntung police station for further action, Supt Supramaniam said.

Investigations revealed that the woman had gone to her lover's apartment but an argument broke out between the two.

"The woman's family had objected to her relationship with the man. Feeling stressed and pressured, she attempted to hurt herself," he said.