Poor security at schools, say parents, students

File photo of a security guard

PETALING JAYA - From drunk guards to absent ones, that's the kind of poor security service that many schools are getting.

A former Parent-Teacher Asso­ciation chairman, who declined to be named, said there was often no one responsible to check on things.

"The school often doesn't know whether the guards show up for work or not," she said, citing an example of a school that was supposed to have two guards in the day and two others at night.

"The security companies also do not know if both show up. They just assume they do," she said.

She told a story about a school that hired a guard who had earlier worked at a community guard post.

"He was fired from his earlier job because he had been drunk during his shift!" she said. Even students say the security guards at their school play only a minor role.

"They're just there to say hello to the car drivers every morning. If I'm not mistaken, there's only two security guards at night and in the afternoon, it's a lady and an old man.

"Someone can just walk in without being stopped," said a 15-year-old student from a school in Selangor.

Another student, 16, from Tereng­ganu said that the guards at his school would usually just sit at the pondok at the main gate and that they did stop visitors who entered via that gate.

"My school has a second gate. When that gate is open, anyone can just walk in and out," he said.

However, there are others who say that the guards at their schools are doing their duties. A Form Three student from Kedah said security was quite tight at his school.

"There are five or six security guards and they walk around the school compound. My school has three entrances and there are guards at all of them," he said

A Form Four student from Johor said his school had five guards.

"Besides preventing unauthorised people from entering the school, they stop students from playing truant by making sure no student exits the school without a valid reason."