Popular mall turns into ghostly complex after brawl

Too quiet for comfort: There were not many customers at the usually busy Kota Raya shopping complex.

PETALING JAYA - There's been a deathly quiet at the Kota Raya shopping complex over the past two days.

After a fight that broke out in the mall last Sunday, shopkeepers are feeling the effects, with little to no traffic passing through the mall.

"Can you see anybody walking here?" asked 32-year-old phone vendor Jason as he pointed to the empty corridor.

"I've been standing here for five hours. Nobody. Normally we have a lot of regulars. But it's been very quiet lately."

For storekeeper Hong, business has been almost non-existent.

"These past few days, things have been extra slow.

"The only people who come here now are those who are going to the complaints counter," said the 28-year-old man.

Chan, 32, shared his views.

"This is not a really busy mall but now, it's completely quiet," he said.

Asked about the staff of the shop that was attacked by about 20 disgruntled customers, all three said they were an odd bunch and preferred to keep to themselves.

"They never talked to us. Even after work when I bumped into them at the car park, they would pretend not to know me," said Jason.

"They don't talk to anybody here and tend to keep to themselves. Maybe it's a company policy. I know everybody else here, but not those guys," added Chan.

Even Hong, who works across the phone shop, said he hardly knew the people working there.

The affected shop now displays a sign that says it is under a new ma­nagement from Dec 17.

Asked about the sign, all three said they were not aware of any change of ownership there.