Postman unable to make sense of accident which severed leg

Standing by: Mohd Khairul's father Zulkeppiliy Dahalan, 55, checking on his son at the hospital in Malacca while a friend and his younger sister look on.

MALACCA - Postman Mohd Khairul Zamry Zulkeppiliy still cannot get over seeing his severed leg following an accident with a car on one of his routes.

"Thinking back about the accident now is still traumatising for me. I just did not know how it all could happen.

"I remembered trying to get up after the crash and seeing my severed leg nearby on the ground. I just felt numb at that time," said the 29-year-old from Pulai, Merlimau, here yesterday.

Mohd Khairul said during the 10.45am incident on Wednesday, he was delivering his mail on his motorcycle as usual along Jalan Rim.

"The car in front of me was signalling to turn right at a junction and I decided to overtake it from the left.

"But suddenly, the car's signal changed and it turned left.

"I could not stop and crashed into the side of the car before grazing the metal barrier beside the road," he said when met at the hospital here yesterday.

The heavy contact with the metal barrier severed Mohd Khairul's left leg from below the knee while the impact of the crash threw him off his motorcycle.

Mohd Khairul, who has been a postman for 10 years and is presently attached to the Jasin post office, said he would be starting physiotherapy sessions soon to help with his mobility.

"Besides the pain in my leg, I still have fever on and off," said the father of a two-year-old daughter, adding that he was expected to use a prosthetic leg within a year.

Pos Malaysia chief executive officer Datuk Iskandar Mizal Mahmood said Mohd Khairul was an exemplary staff with a good service record.

"We are deeply saddened by the mishap and all of us in Pos Malaysia are going over and beyond to ensure that he gets all the help he needs for his recovery.

"We will extend both monetary and necessary assistance to him and his family so that he can focus on his recovery and rehabilitation," he said.

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