Public shaming of 60-year-old suspect angers netizens

PETALING JAYA - Netizens have expressed their anger at the Bukit Mertajam Cherok To'kun Hikers Club management for humiliating a 60-year-old man for allegedly vandalising and stealing at the forest reserve rest area.

The man was forced to wear a sign saying "I Am A Thief" and stand in public view for an hour after he confessed to stealing when shown CCTV footage of him allegedly committing the crime.

Facebook user Francis Lai said those involved in humiliating the man would pay for their deeds.

"Whoever did this will get his/her turn. Truly no respect for the aged no matter what he may have done," he commented Saturday.

Indira Malani shared similar views, saying, "What if he is your dad, would you do this to him? What happen to humanity? This is really not supposed to happen."

Bakshi Wael and Eddie Hasbullah said that action should have been taken against the thief but not by humiliating him.

'Let's not take the law into our own hands," Wael said.

Another Facebook user, Angelina Ng, expressed her anger over the incident, questioning the humanity of those who humiliated the man.

"He is old and he doesn't have enough money! There are better ways of managing this with compassion. What goes around comes around," she said.

Linda Khor also felt that the punishment was too harsh for the crime.

"Please do not humiliate someone at his age over three Ringgit tap! It's a public park. Come on people. A lot of poor people live around there," she said.

Although most were against public humiliation as punishment for aged suspect, some were supportive of the club's management.

Ahmad Muhammas Zenny said that the punishment was fair.

"May he learn the lesson and never steal again after this," he commented.

Another user who shared similar views was Joe Ann who said what the alleged thief did was wrong and his age should not be made an excuse.

"Should report to the police so that it will be a lesson to others," she said.