'Queen' from Selangor lays claim to Malacca throne

MALACCA - The self-proclaimed Sultan of Malacca, Raja Noor Jan Shah Raja Tuah, who is now under police custody, is not the only one vying for the so-called Malacca throne.

A "queen" from Seri Kembangan, Selangor has labelled Raja Noor Jan Shah as a mere impersonator, and claimed that her 48-year-old Malacca-born husband is supposed to inherit the throne.

An Indonesian with Turkish-Achehnese parentage, Bonda Ratu Kuasa Alam Tan Sri Sharifah Norlaini Kesemua Dinegeret (Queen of the Malay Archipelago) has also demanded Malacca Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Idris Haron, to pledge allegiance to her and hold a meeting with her officials to discuss how to revive the bygone Malacca Sultanate.

She made her first attempt to meet Idris at his office in Seri Negeri here two weeks ago, but did not succeed.

The self-proclaimed queen's personal assistant, Hidhir Yusof, said the queen has supernatural powers, and warned that she could cast a curse on Malacca if she got angry.

"She could call windstorms and incessant rain if her patience hits rock bottom.

"Hence, it's better for the Chief Minister to meet her and listen to the secret of the Malacca Sultanate that she is eager to divulge to him," he said when contacted yesterday.

When met, Idris admitted that the said queen and Hidhir had tried to see him at his office.

"They came and saw me to discuss about the Malacca Sultanate at a time when we were clamping down on fake royalty in Malacca.

"I told them that I am busy with work and asked them to see my assistants if they have any concrete matters to discuss," said Idris, who added that honorary titles conferred by those other than the Malacca Governor are considered illegitimate, and recipients of such awards will be barred by the state from receiving any bona fide titles.