Raise not gazetted - Selangor reps yet to enjoy fat wages

PETALING JAYA - Selangor state elected representatives have yet to enjoy fat pay cheques because the amendment to the related enactment on their pay hikes has yet to be gazetted.

Mentri Besar Incorporated (MBI) chief executive officer Faekah Husin said the new salary structure could only take effect after the gazetting process, although the amendment to the Members of Administration and Members of the State Assembly (Remuneration) (Amended) Enactment 2013 had been tabled and unanimously approved at the state assembly last year.

"It will usually take between 30 to 60 days to gazette a bill," said Faekah.

Faekah was responding to claims by certain quarters that the salary hike for the Mentri Besar, State Speaker, Deputy Speaker, executive councillors and assemblymen had been deferred.

Faekah said the amendment could only be reversed at the state assembly if a motion was tabled to review the salary structure.

"Otherwise, the new salary structure will take effect, in accordance to the amended enactment," she said.

State executive councillor Datuk Teng Chang Kim said confusion on whether Selangor would freeze the proposed pay hike arose because different state executive councillors gave different interpretations to the media.

"It is best to get the information directly from the Mentri Besar or from his office.

"This will help clear the air once and for all," he said.

It is learnt that the matter was discussed at the state executive council meeting following criticism levelled against the Selangor state government for approving a hefty increase when the majority of the rakyat were suffering from rising costs of living.

According to a source from the state government, the salary hike was alleged to have been deferred because of the gloomy economic climate and in view of public sentiment.

He said the sluggish economy and the recent spate of price hikes had adversely affected the general public.

In November last year, the Selangor state assembly approved the salary increase, which would, among others, see the Mentri Besar's salary rising by 106 per cent from RM14,175 (S$5,480) to RM29,250 a month, while the Speaker's pay will increase by 268 per cent from RM6,109.29 to RM22, 500.

The deputy speaker's salary would be increased to RM15,750 from RM3,327.50, and that of executive council members' to RM20,250 from RM6,109.29, while the 56 assemblyman would each get 87 per cent pay increment from RM6,000 to RM11,250 a month.