Red shirts bring a message of peace, says Umno chief

Ahmad leaving to the next checkpoint at 10.45am.
PHOTO: The Star

KUALA LUMPUR - Supporters of the Red shirt rally are bringing a message of peace, said Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan.

Ahmad Maslan, who is at the rally in his capacity as the Overseas Umno alumni supporters chief, said that he only attended the rally after the approval of the police.

"I am here because the rally was approved by the police.

"We want to unite the people.

"And the supporters only bring the message of peace and love," he told reporters at the Jalan Conlay checkpoint on Wednesday.

He arrived in a group of motorcycle convoy about 10.35am to meet supporters, as they cheered "1Malaysia!".

Ahmad Maslan urged supporters not cause any provocation and to follow the country's law.

"I hope they will gather peacefully and not to resort to any violence.

"On Malaysia Day, we want everything to be peaceful. Let us follow the rules set by the authorities," he said.

The red shirt rally supporters arrived as early as 8.30 am at the Jalan Conlay check point, with some wearing the face mask due to the haze.

Supporters were seen carrying several banners including "Sabar Melayu Ada Batasnya" (Malay patience has its limits) and "DAP jangan cabar Melayu" (DAP don't challenge the Malays).

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