Religious officer shot dead in Kuantan

Police at the crime scene. Ahmad Rafi's body is behind the blue umbrella.

KUANTAN - Pahang Islamic Department chief assistant direct of enforcement Ahmad Rafi Abdul Malek was shot dead outside his home at about 2.30pm Sunday.

Kuantan deputy OCPD Supt Abdul Aziz Ahmad said the victim was shot three times at close range by a group of men in a Wira Aeroback.

Ahmad Rafi died at the scene. Three suspects aged between 30 and 50 were believed to be involved.

Ahmad Rafi was in his house when a man dressed in a black jubah called him out.

When Ahmad Rafi came out, another man got out from a car and shot him three times.

Two bullets hit him in the chest while one bullet went astray. The suspects then got away in the waiting car.