Remand extended for mum in dead maid case

PHOTO: The Star/Asia News Network

BUKIT MERTAJAM - A woman was brought to court to extend her remand as a suspect in the murder of a maid, but it was the 60-year-old's attire which drew attention.

The plus-size woman appeared in court clad in a brown apron over a pujabi suit, as opposed to the usual lock-up garb worn by those in custody.

A police officer, who was asked about the apron, said it was "reserved for suspects with a big frame".

"We did not have any lock-up garb to fit her. The brown aprons are reserved for such persons," he added.

The woman was brought in at about 9.45am and led to the court's meeting room where registrar Nor Hapipah Abdullah granted an additional seven-day remand till Feb 26.

When she was first remanded last Tuesday, the woman wore the same clothing but without the apron.

She had struggled to climb the stairs and was sent back to the police lock-up in a patrol car when she could not get up onto the police truck.

The woman was arrested with her son and daughter over the murder of their Indonesian domestic worker Adelina Lisao, 21.

The maid died at Hospital Bukit Mertajam on Feb 11 after being rescued a day earlier from the suspects' home at Taman Kota Permai here, where she was found sleeping on the porch with a Rottweiler.

The woman's son, 39, and daughter, 36, are both on extended remand until tomorrow.

The three are being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

Adelina had wounds on her body, with a post-mortem pinpointing multiple organ failure and anaemia.

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