Resident: Water everywhere but not from the taps

PETALING JAYA - Massive floods due to an afternoon downpour caused traffic chaos and trains to stall in the Klang Valley yesterday.

The one-and-a-half-hour downpour, which lasted until about 6pm, caught many city folk off-guard.

Taman Buana Perdana resident Thomas Matthews said the floods led to the road linking Taman Sri Manja, Taman Buana Perdana and Taman Medan, off Old Klang Road, to be cut off.

"We had to leave our cars in Taman Sri Manja to get to our homes on foot," he said.

"The waters were knee-deep at its worst," Matthews said.

"What irked many was that while the roads and playgrounds were flooded, the water from taps in many surrounding areas was reduced to a trickle after the diesel spillage in Sungai Selangor on Friday."

The Twitter feed was abuzz with frustrated motorists following the chaos.

Also, motorists along the Middle Ring Road 2, heading towards Ampang and Cheras, complained of gridlock.

The floods also caused KTM commuters to be stranded at the KL Sentral.

One commuter took to Twitter to voice her frustration.

"Stuck at KL Sentral due to flood in Subang till Batu Tiga. What am I to do here?" said user @Ama Nona.

Residents in Taman Intan, Batu Tiga, had to scramble to save their possessions.

Housewife Siti Zabedah, for instance, said her living room and the furniture there were submerged in flood waters that reached knee level.

Her neighbour Rizal Amir said waters began to recede at 5pm after his brother made a call to the Irrigation Department on the matter.

"The authorities need to do something about this," Rizal said.