Residents in Kuala Lumpur districts praying for taps to flow again

Residents collect water from a Tenaga Nasional Berhad water pipe at Taman Setia Balokong, outside Kuala Lumpur.

BALAKONG, Kuala Lumpur - More than 10,000 residents in Taman Impian Ehsan who are among the worst hit by the dry spell are hoping that water will start flowing from their taps soon.

Water supply is scheduled to return to the area from 4pm to 9am on Saturday under the rationing exercise for the Hulu Langat, Kuala Langat and Sepang districts.

"We are desperate for water and look forward to getting even a limited supply from our taps every two days under the rationing exercise," said Balakong Rukun Tetangga coordinator Mejar (Rtd) Abdul Rahim Mohd Amin.

The neighbourhood, which has 6,888 houses, shops and low-cost flats, has come to resemble a disaster zone after all taps ran dry on Feb 10.

Water tankers from Syabas and the Armed Forces were seen negotiating narrow lanes to refill the 85 static water tanks placed around the neighbourhood.

"It's not enough, we need more water," said pensioner Abdullah Daud, a 53-year-old resident. He said the static tanks were filled twice daily but would run dry quickly.

Housewife Norzila Che Mat, 28, said most families had to buy their meals as they did not have water to cook or wash.

Fellow housewife Wan Hafizah Wan Hamat, 31, said some of her family's clothes smelled bad.

"But we cannot help it because there is just not enough water," she said.

Babysitter Munirah Abdullah, 45, who has lived in the area since 1995, said she needed a lot of water to take care of three children.

To get more water, members of the congregation at the neighbourhood surau, or mosque, decided to pool their funds and commission the construction of two tube wells.

The contractor for the tube well, Norazizan Sulaiman, said it would cost RM12,000 to RM14,000 (S$4636 to S$5409) to dig a well 30m deep.