Retirees turn family home into boutique hotel

Retirees turn family home into boutique hotel

MALAYSIA - Their retired parents run a boutique hotel in Malacca. And if two of their three sons want to stay in their own home, they better make reservations.

The family home turned hotel is fully occupied on most days.

The youngest son lives with the couple, The Star reported.

Mr Thor Keng Boon, 64, and Mrs Lian Yoke Ting, 60, had earlier bought a dilapidated building in the historic city as their retirement home. They then turned it into a hotel.

Mrs Lian said they have three sons, aged 21 to 37.

She told The Star: "We have no choice but to ask our two sons to make an online booking if they want to come here.

"This is because the hotel has only seven rooms and all the rooms are taken up, especially during the weekends."


She said she and her husband share a common interest for anti­quity and heritage.

That is why they decided to buy a century-old building and turn it first into their home and then a boutique hotel. It was earlier used as a rubber trading outlet and later as a furniture storeroom.

When they turned it into a hotel in August 2012, they retained its original geometrical motifs and architectural design. They named it Wayfarer..

Business has bloomed, and tourists from Europe and China, and even Malaysians, book into the Wayfarer each time they visit Malacca.

Said Mrs Lian: "My sons complain that they are treated like hotel guests who have to book a place to come visit us.

"But we need to run our business as we need to generate income in our golden years."

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