RMAF plane crash: Authorities looking into compensating family of drowned fisherman

KUALA SELANGOR, Malaysia - The Kuala Selangor Fisheries Development Board (LKIM) is looking into compensation for the family of deceased 57-year old cockle farmer Abu Hassan Abdul Latiff, said Kuala Selangor MP Datuk Irmohizan Ibrahim.

"We are looking into that now because we are unsure if he is covered as he was a traditional fisherman," said Irmohizan, who is also the Kuala Selangor LKIM director.

Irmohizan said this while paying his respects to Abu Hassan's family.

The 57-year-old drowned after getting his foot stuck in the mud while he and other fishermen were trying to help eight RMAF airmen after they crash-landed in a swampy beach here on Friday.

Abu Hassan's body was found near the crashed CN235 plane on Friday morning and was brought to the Tanjung Karang Hospital for a postmortem.

He was buried on Friday night in Kg Assam Jawa.

Also here to pay his last respects was Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, who gave Abu Hassan's family an undisclosed amount of cash for their loss.

"On behalf of Mindef and RMAF, I want to thank the people here who helped the officers during the crisis. The eight officers are being treated at the ATM Hospital and their injuries are not serious, probably because of the quick action of the locals here," he said after visiting Abu Hassan's family home in Kampung Assam Jawa, Saturday.

He arrived here at about 12.30pm and shared hugs and tears with Abu Hassan's siblings.

"I am thankful that these people were willing to come see us and remember what he did," she said.

Abu Hassan's brother Khazali Abu Latiff, 45 said that he was proud of his brother for what he tried to do for the officers.

"That is just how he is, a good-hearted person. He is always trying to help people and never thinks about himself," said Khazali.

Khazali said that he had a troubling dream last week that Abu Hassan was sick.

"Last week I had a troubling dream that my brother was sick. I talked to him about it and he said it was just a dream. And then I found out that he had died," he said.