Robbed and almost raped

KOTA KINABALU - A woman narrowly escaped being raped by an armed robber in her home when the man realised as he started pulling at her clothes that his three accomplices had already fled.

He quickly ran after them, leaving the woman, 30, bound on the floor and her husband, 32, badly wounded.

The four, armed with parang, had earlier barged through an unlocked door into the house in Beluran, about 100km from Sandakan, at about 8pm on Wednesday.

When the husband tried to put up a fight, the robbers slashed and stabbed him on the head, torso and abdomen.

They bashed the wife and tied her up.

The husband was left unbound because he was severely injured and could not even move.

As the robbers ransacked the home looking for valuables, one of them tried to rape the woman.

He stopped when he noticed that his accomplices had left him and gone off with the loot.

The woman had her bruises treated at the Beluran Hospital while her husband has been warded at the Duchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan.

The robbers got away with cash, jewellery and other valuables worth about RM12,000 in total, said Beluran OCPD Deputy Supt V. Sivananthan.

He said police had started a hunt for the four.

A relative of the couple, who was visiting the husband at the hospital, said both were traumatised by the incident and still could not talk about it.

"Both are glad to be alive though," the relative said.