Sabah government to take action against tourists caught dancing at mosque

PHOTO: The Star/Asia News Network

KOTA KINABALU - Sabah's Tourism, Culture and Environment Ministry is taking measures to identify the tourists caught dancing disrespectfully in a viral video taken in front of the City Mosque here.

Assistant minister Assafal Alian said, in a statement, that their actions were outrageous and disrespectful, especially as it was done at a place of worship.

"The actions of these tourists at a religious structure show the lack of respect to our Muslim worshippers as well as the hospitality extended to them," he said.

Assafal said the ministry will not treat this matter lightly as Sabah is a multi-racial and multi-religious state.

Assafal said Sabah will not stand and do nothing although similar incidents involving tourists happen everywhere in the world.

"Once we identify the nationalities of the people involved, strong action will be taken against them and the operator of the group," he added.

He said everyone needed to work together to ensure that visitors enjoy their stay in Sabah, and show their respect for local cultures, beliefs and the people here.

"The ministry will continue to engage tour operators and stakeholders regularly, including owners of tourist attractions in Sabah, and in particular sensitive areas like religious buildings and sacred places," Assafal said.

"We also plan to introduce a maximum capacity at tourism attractions - including places of worship - to allow a smooth flow between worshippers and visitors going the area," he added.