Sabah's emergency response plan to look after safety of tourists

KOTA KINABALU - An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is being worked out by the state's tourism players to facilitate quick responses for tourists during any distress situation or emergency.

Sabah Tourist Association (STA) chairman Tonny Chew said the plan would be focused on the safety and welfare of tourists in the state, especially during emergencies related to health or accident.

The association, he said, would be playing the role of a facilitator in bridging the coordination between the government agencies and tour operators.

"The ERP was initially proposed to be put into place in the Kota Belud area, particularly popular tourist destinations like Pulau Mantani in Sabah's west coast.

"The association will also help the government in coordinating the plan's implementation and the setting up of an emergency response team among the tour operators and within the individual tour companies.

"These efforts are primarily aimed at enhancing the safety of tourists and stakeholders as well as ensuring effective and timely rescue efforts," he said.