Saddle up for romance this Year of the Horse

PETALING JAYA - The Year of the Horse will gallop in with a promise of more romance, marriages and babies, according to feng shui experts.

The Year of the Wood Horse, which actually starts on Feb 4, marks the arrival of shung chun or "double spring", said feng shui master Louis Loh.

"So, more marriages and newborns are expected," he said.

TV personality and Good Feng Shui geomantic researcher Master Kenny Hoo agreed, adding that "many couples will marry, move into new homes and have babies or other great celebratory events".

"However, mothers should avoid giving birth between May and August if possible. As the element of fire is strong this year, babies born in the summer months tend to be overly aggressive and hot-tempered," he said.

For investors, Hoo, who has 15 years of experience in the field, is predicting a volatile stock market.

"There will be extreme ups and downs. And the stock market will hit multiple new highs," he said.

Despite a challenging year ahead because of price increases for various items, Hoo said this could translate into opportunities for those wanting to get to know new people or open up untapped markets.

Industries related to both the wood and fire elements, such as rubber, palm oil and petrol, would prosper, he said, warning businessmen however "to think twice and plan properly" before investing in the domestic market.

Those planning to get a home should also not wait for the price of property to come down, added Hoo.

"Despite things slowing down in one or two months, the years between 2004 and 2024 are considered to be the Golden 20 Years for the property market, during which the price will only go up," he said.

Hoo said those born in the Year of the Ox, Goat and Dog would perform the best in the new year while those under the Rat, Tiger and Monkey signs might not fare that well.

He also warned of bad weather in the new year, adding that there would be heavy downpour which might result in floods and landslides, especially in the east and north-west regions.