Saree, cheongsam and kebaya outfits for AirAsia cabin crew next?

PHOTO: Instagram/tonyfernandes

PETALING JAYA - An Instagram post by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes featuring an AirAsia India stewardess in a saree, in conjunction with the recent Deepavali festival, has got social media tongues wagging.

The AirAsia group CEO indicated that cabin crew on AirAsia flights could be wearing more national dresses in the future.

"AirAsia India uniform for Diwali," Fernandes wrote on Instagram, referring to an alternative name for the Festival of Light.

"Looks cool. We are going to do many more national dresses. Doesn't Amruta look great?" he added.

"A vision of beauty in a saree. Love the idea of the national costume for each country," commented helenoon63.

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