School guards handcuff unruly parent to sign post

SECURITY guards at a school in Johor Baru handcuffed a parent to a signpost during a scuffle over parking space, reported China Press.

The daily published a picture of the man handcuffed to a signpost at SJK(C) Foon Yew (5), which had been posted on Facebook.

During the incident on Wednesday afternoon, a security guard at the school had asked the man to move his car because it was blocking rush-hour traffic.

But the man put up a fight with the guard, who then handcuffed him with the help of two colleagues.

The school's Parent-Teacher Association chairman Hou Wen Fu said the guards did it because the man wanted to pick a fight.

However, the guards and the man managed to resolve the matter before the police arrived, he said, urging parents to heed traffic rules at the school.