Schoolgirl in Malaysia left with red welts on arms and legs after alleged caning by teacher

PETALING JAYA - A teacher in Malaysia has been accused of caning a secondary schoolgirl repeatedly, leaving ugly red welts on her arms and legs.

This is based on a two-minute and 28-second video that recently went viral on social media and WhatsApp.

In the video, the teacher is seen trying to explain himself while a woman behind the camera - believed to be the girl's mother - questions his actions.

"She said that she was sorry. Why did you do this to her? You are a teacher (cikgu besar).

"You cannot cane her like this. As a teacher, you cannot do this. You are wrong.

"She only said things to you. She did not hit you, did she? If she did, then it's fine. Don't be like this.

"You are angry? You can fight? You're strong? You are a teacher, you are supposed to teach the children," the woman says in accented Malay.

The video resumes with the teacher asking the woman if she knew what the girl had said.

The woman said she knew that the girl had used the word "aqua (ladyboy)".

As the teacher begins to speak again, the woman interrupts and utters "But she said sorry!" to which the teacher admitted that she did, but only after the caning and when the girl's friend told her to.

Photos of the girl's injuries were also circulated.

In a separate photo that went viral, the same girl can be seen holding a police report, believed to be lodged against the teacher.