Schoolgirls strip, caned over missing $37 in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - Forty girls at a religious school in Selangor were caned and made to strip after none of them admitted to stealing RM100 (S$37) from a fellow student, a news report said.

Each girl received three strokes of the cane - twice on their backs and another on the palms of their hands - at a dormitory in Gombak, Selangor, last Wednesday, Malay newspaper Sinar Harian reported.

The girls were then made to squat from 1am to 4am.

A parent alleged that her 13-year-old daughter admitted to taking the money eventually, because she could not bear seeing her classmates being punished.

"If no one took responsibility for the theft, the punishment could have continued until morning assembly," said the parent, who was not named.

She lodged a police report against the school last Friday. However, the school administration asked her on Monday to withdraw the report if she wanted to resolve the issue.

Gombak police chief Ali Ahmad said the management of the school would be taken in to help with investigations.