Seasoned traveller: I was pickpocketed in Barcelona

PETALING JAYA - Azman Zainol Abidin was on holiday in Barcelona, Spain, last year when he became the victim of a pickpocket.

The seasoned traveller said that although he had heard tales of people who had been victimised, Azman thought it would not happen to him as he was extra careful during the trip.

Furthermore, the group of friends he was travelling with had been looking out for each other, reminding everyone to take care of their bags each time they were in subways and other crowded places.

The 44-year-old businessman suspected that he was pick-pocketed on the subway en route to visit Camp Nou - FC Barcelona's home stadium.

Azman said that after lodging a police report, he went to the Malaysian consulate in Barcelona to obtain a letter to enable him to leave Spain for Malaysia without a passport.

"The officer told me that that week alone, 12 other Malaysians had experienced the same situation.

"It is unfortunate but I suppose you can fall victim to a pickpocket anywhere, be it in Spain or elsewhere," he said.