Selangor PKR reps agree to donate part of salary

BALIK PULAU - The 14 PKR elected representatives in Selangor have agreed to donate either RM1,000 (S$389) or 20 per cent of their newly-revised salary to the state education fund for the poor.

PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was receptive to his idea, adding that he had agreed to work out a mechanism to implement the proposal.

If everything goes as planned, he said, an estimated RM500,000 will be donated to Tabung Pendidikan Keadilan Anak Selangor.

"I have yet to put forth the idea to elected representatives of PAS and DAP. I have only discussed this with Khalid and he has agreed to it.

"I will bring this up during the Pakatan Rakyat Council meeting next week. I want it to be resolved fast," he told reporters after the opening ceremony of Penang CAT Dialysis Centre here yesterday.

On Wednesday, the Selangor State Assembly approved the salary increase, which would, among others, see the Mentri Besar earning RM29,250 a month from RM14,175 while an assemblyman's pay will be raised from RM6,000 to RM11,250 a month.

However, it does appear that the representatives will be able to make their own choice over whether to contribute RM1,000 or 20 per cent of their revised salary to the fund.

Anwar said he was aware of the pay hike but not the quantum of the increase.

"I thought the increase was slightly 'high'. But since it has been passed at the assembly, I think the proposal (of donating a portion of it) is the best thing we can do," he said.