Selangor Umno to hold statewide roadshows on Allah issue

KAJANG - Selangor Umno will conduct roadshows statewide to educate people on the Allah issue.

Selangor Umno chairman Datuk Seri Noh Omar said the roadshow, to begin this week, will have speakers explaining why "Allah" should be exclusive to Muslims in both religious and legal aspects.

He said this at a gathering to protest the remarks made by Catholic priest Father Lawrence Andrew on the Allah issue, outside the Hulu Langat Umno office here yesterday.

"We demand that Father Lawrence retracts his statement and issues a public apology," said Noh Omar to the crowd at the rally.

The group, led by state party secretary Datuk Johan Abd Aziz, also burnt an effigy of the priest.

While Noh Omar stressed that no protests would be held near a place of worship, he said a massive gathering could be in the works if the issue is not resolved soon.

"We will organise a gathering of all Muslims in the state to show our displeasure if Father Lawrence does not retract his comments," he said, urging the Attorney-General to take swift and decisive action on the priest.

The group dispersed peacefully after about an hour. Police presence was minimal as only a few traffic policemen were seen conducting traffic.