Semporna folk not sweating over threat of kidnappers

KOTA KINABALU - Life is going on as usual for people in Semporna who seem oblivious to the latest threat from a gang of kidnappers who have crossed the border into the state.

Despite two incidents involving suspected intruders in waters off the district in a space of one week, people were seen going to work, school and opening up stalls for business.

Taxi driver Riduan Bagudat, 46, said he was not worried about the shootout in Bangau-Bangau on Sunday as the security forces had the situation under control.

"From what I know, the case is solved. I also did not hear any rumours of possible attacks by the intruders," he said.

Fishmonger Alis Alan, 29, said he heard about the shooting on Sunday as well as the arrest of three suspected informers near Mabul Island on Oct 22.

He said he did not think that the two incidents were something to worry about, because it was normal for them to hear such news.

"People with guns and things like that are a way of life and so there's nothing scary about what happened," he said. Police roadblocks have been seen in the east coast and other parts of Sabah including around the state capital at Papar and Kimanis over the past few days.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman however assured the public that the roadblocks were part of the anti-crime operations.

"Nothing serious is going on. It's just that sometimes we need to conduct operations or roadblocks as part of our standard operating procedure, he explained.