Semporna kidnap: Taiwanese minister reveals ransom call

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA - Taiwan's Minister of the Interior Lee Hong-yuan has revealed that his government received a phone call from Filipino authorities about a possible ransom demand for the Taiwanese tourist who was abducted at the Pom Pom Island resort in Sabah.

Lee did not divulge too many details at a press conference with Taiwanese journalists on Wednesday.

"We knew about it for some time. You should ask the Criminal Investigations Bureau about the details," he said.

When asked whether the phone call was from the abductors to the victims' families, he said he was not sure.

"But, the Philippines side discussed the ransom," he said.

He said the bureau had gathered much intelligence from various parties on the murder-cum-abduction case.

On Nov 15, a group of gunmen ransacked the water villas at the Pom Pom Island resort and killed Hsu Li Min before taking away his wife Chang An Wei.