'She used me for my sperm'

'She used me for my sperm'

He alleges that she demanded sex six times a day, with sessions lasting about an hour each.

Mr Ervin Ahbabovic, 41, a Bosnian and a Malaysian permanent resident, claimed that his former girlfriend often threatened to commit suicide if her lust was not fulfilled, or if he left her for any reason.

He also claimed that the woman, 29, became hostile and on Sept 3 last year, stabbed his left forearm. It is not known how serious the injury was. He said he felt humiliated, subdued, traumatised, and felt extreme stress and shock because she not only chased him from the house but also prohibited him from seeing his son.

Mr Ahbabovic said that he contacted her by telephone after the incident to reconcile for the sake of their son, but she said that he had actually been used as a tool to get his sperm for her to have better offspring.

He claimed that this was due to the perception that the European gene had an "unparalleled and astonishing quality" compared to the local gene, The Star reported.

Mr Ahbabovic, who has been in Malaysia since 1995, is now suing his ex-girlfriend for allegedly abusing his sperm to produce an offspring with European genes.

He filed the suit in the High Court Registry on Friday.

The suit was made known to the press on Tuesday, the report said.

In the statement of claim, Mr Ahbabovic, who was also a business consultant for several companies since 1995, alleged that after the birth of their son three years ago, she always picked on and quarrelled with him, creating a lot of stress in their life.

He is seeking RM600,000 (S$234,000) for the usage of sperm for the purpose of getting a child by wrongful means; to have him recognised as the father of their son in the birth certificate, and for costs and further reliefs.

The woman accused of 'abusing' a Bosnian national's sperm so that she could bear a child with European genes said his claims are "completely baseless, she told The Star.

"This is certainly not true!", claimed the ex-girlfriend of Ervin Ahbabovic.

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