Shops record big jump in football jersey sales

KUALA LUMPUR - Sales of football jerseys are picking up as the 2014 FIFA World Cup draws closer.

Snow Chan, 22, a sales representative at a shop in Petaling Street, said there had been a 20 per cent increase in the sale of jerseys these past weeks as fans gear up in the colours of their favourite team.

"The FIFA World Cup is very good for business. Sales have jumped by a significant amount," he said, adding that he expects the brisk sales to continue until the matches start.

"The team colours really flying off the shelves are that of host Brazil and title holder Spain. Other hot favourites are Italy, Portugal, Argen­tina and England.

"I think eight out of 10 people suddenly become interested in football during World Cup season. Many who are not usually interested in the sport get caught up in the excitement," Chan said.

A sports outlet in Tropicana City Mall started stocking on FIFA jerseys early in the year and sales have steadily increased, said a worker.

An assistant supervisor, identified only as Hadi, 24, said the jerseys for Germany sold out quickly after going on the shelves in January.

"We restocked in April but now we are close to running out of stock again," he said.

The FIFA World Cup is from June 12 to July 13.