Singaporean 'monk' swings hammer at maid after she refuses to 'marry' him

Update (May 11, 10.30pm): The Singaporean monk was released on Tuesday (May 10) due to lack of evidence, according to a report by The Straits Times.

Police in Malaysia have arrested a Singapore "monk" and his female companion after they allegedly attacked their maid.

The two are said to have attacked their 23-year-old maid, including with a hammer, after she refused to "marry" the man.

The man, 53, has reportedly settled in Johor for over 25 years and lives in a local temple in Kulai. His 46-year-old female companion, who goes by the name of Wendy, has been living with him in the temple for about 10 years, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The Chinese daily said that the maid was attacked on Thursday night (May 5).

She managed to escape from the temple late at night, while the man and woman were not paying attention, and approached a police patrol car for help.

The duo were arrested the next day.

Shin Min said that the maid has injuries on her head and parts of her body.

An elderly female neighbour said that the monk used to live alone in the temple compound. However, after the woman moved in, the temple became closed. The monk then adopted a girl, now four years old, and kept dogs, she said.

Other neighbours said that the temple's doors are closed most of the time nowadays.

Neighbours also said the maid has worked at the temple for about one to two years and asked for a raise recently because her workload increased after the monk and his companion adopted a baby boy.