Singer Aliff gets a tattoo of ex-wife's name on chest

Not a stranger to pulling shocking stunts, controversial singer Aliff Aziz (pic) stunned the public again when pictures of him getting a tattoo of his ex-wife's name across his chest went viral.

Kosmo! reported that pictures of him with 'Bella' - referring to his ex-wife Bella Astillah - inked on his upper chest surfaced on Twitter and Facebook and had drawn angry criticism from fans.

However, Instagram user Leaheena_artist claimed that Aliff did not get Bella's name permanently inked but used black henna instead, adding that it was an old picture.

"That is black henna and my brother did that for Aliff when he was hanging out at our home. That’s not a real tattoo and Aliff had this done before he married Bella," she said.

Aliff was earlier embroiled in a much-discussed divorce battle after Bella revealed that he had been cheating on her.

He is also alleged to have stolen money from Indonesian actress Raja Yunika Putri recently.

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