Singer Ning Baizura says son was a victim of school bullying

Vocalist Ning Baizura with her son (left) and husband
PHOTO: Facebook/Ning Baizura

Vocalist Ning Baizura had revealed that her son, Ryan Sky Dalton, 4, was a victim of school bullying, reported BH Hip, the entertainment pullout of Berita Harian.

Ning said her son was beaten up by an older kid in kindergarten.

"I saw Ryan being beaten up by the kid who is a year older.

"When I reported it to the teachers, their response was really disappointing. In order not to make an issue out of it, I then approached the parents of the kid," she said.

"More shockingly, the parents told me that it was a normal behaviour for their kid as he always beat up his younger sibling.

"I immediately told them that this was unacceptable and I asked them to stop any form of bullying. If they refuse to do so, I will not allow the kid to be friends with Ryan."


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