Slain bank officer's family hopes for closure after arrest

SHAH ALAM - Irwan Kamaruddin, who had almost given up hope that his wife's killer will be caught, heaved a huge sigh of relief after the arrest of the prime suspect.

"His capture is proof that the police had been taking the case seriously. I am grateful for their continuous effort to track him down," he said at his Subang Bestari residence.

The 37-year-old chauffeur said he hoped that the killer would get the punishment he deserved.

Irwan's wife, Norazita Abu Talib, 37, was shot with a pump gun on Oct 23 by a rogue guard while she was handling money from a safe at Subang Jaya's AmBank branch.

The guard grabbed RM450,000 (S$176,000) and fled.

The gruesome murder created a nationwide uproar and raised questions of national security after it was found that the suspected killer was an Indonesian holding a fake Malay­sian identity card.

Irwan described his wife as a workaholic who had been employed by the bank for 16 years.

"She was so dedicated to her job that she rarely took medical leave. It is devastating that she had lost her life while doing her job," he said.

Irwan said although it has been very painful for him to lose Norazita, who was his high school sweetheart, he had been hiding his feelings from his children, Nurnisa Nabila, 12, and Hamidi, eight.

"My wife and I met when we were classmates in Form 4. We were together since then," he said.

Irwan said he and Norazita were originally from Perak but moved to Kuala Lumpur for work, adding that they married in 2000.

"It is not easy losing the love of my life but I have to be strong for my children's sake," he said.

Nurnisa and Hamidi went back to school only recently after taking time off to mourn the loss of their mother.

Irwan had been encouraging his children to spend time with their cousins as a means of coping with their ordeal.

In PETALING JAYA, members of Norazita's family hoped the arrest of the main suspect in her brutal murder could help them move on.

Her father Abu Talib Mohd Isa, 75, said the loss of Norazita had hit the family hard but now that the guard had been caught, there could be a closure to her death.

Horrifying video of bank murder uploaded on Youtube

The retired soldier said most of them were still in mourning with his wife Norsham Abd Kader, 62, being the most shattered.

"She still finds it difficult to accept our daughter's horrific killing and has even lost her appetite," he said.

Abu Talib said he had brought his wife to one of their children's home in Subang Bestari to make her feel better.

"The arrest is good news for the family as justice can finally be done.

"There is no better way of honouring my daughter's memory than to see him charged," he added.

Meanwhile, AmBank congratulated the police for nabbing the suspect.

"There can now be justice for Nor­azita," said AmBank Group Corpo­rate Communications and Marketing senior general manager Syed Anuar Syed Ali.

Horrifying video of bank murder uploaded on Youtube