Slash victim tells harrowing tale of brutal attack and public indifference

KUALA LUMPUR - Twenty-six-year-old V. Nanthakumar@Joshua almost bled to death after his plea for help was ignored by bystanders but was ultimately saved by police on patrol.

Joshua told The Star that he was walking to the main road from the Taman Seri Wilayah flats in Selayang at midnight on Aug 2 when he was assaulted and robbed by two men on a motorcycle.

Shocked by the sudden attack, Joshua's first instinct was to escape his assailants but his blood-soaked slipper caused him to fall.

"The man slashed my right arm while I was on the ground and both men ran off with my belongings," he said Thursday.

Joshua tried flagging down oncoming cars, but instead of stopping, they flashed their headlights to get him off the road.

Undaunted, he continued walking to a nearby petrol station to seek help and came across a foreign worker and taxi driver along the way.

"The foreign worker shook his head 'no' when I asked for help while the cabbie refused flat out to help me.

"My body was about to give out due to the heavy loss of blood but I continued walking to the station," he added.

At the station, Joshua asked a patron paying at the counter for a ride to Hospital Selayang.

"He apologised and told me that his car was already fully occupied with family members.

"Fortunately, two policemen patrolling the area noticed me and called an ambulance," he said, while adding that the whole ordeal almost lasted an hour.

Joshua's mother Parameswari@Sarah though grateful for her son's safe return, questioned the assault on him.

"They could've robbed him without slashing him. What would've become of him if he lost his arms?

"I don't know what I would do without him. It is by God's grace that my son came back in one piece," said Sarah, 54.

When contacted, Sentul OCPD Asst Comm R. Munusamy confirmed receiving the report and said that investigations are ongoing.