Slip of a word on student's MC has everyone aflutter

Laughter, the best medicine: The MC slip showing the erroneous diagnosis.

PETALING JAYA - It must have been lunch hour with a staff member at a clinic in Sungai Buloh craving for western food.

How else could a student be issued with a medical certificate diagnosing her with "chicken chop" instead of chicken pox.

And the error has caused much amusement.

An image of the MC has been going viral with it being widely circulated via WhatsApp yesterday.

It showed the student getting a five-day medical leave, signed by a doctor, with the diagnosis "CHICKEN CHOP".

However, it is understood that the error was not made by the doctor, but by a clinic staff who filled in the MC slip.

An employee at the clinic reportedly told a local news portal that it was an "inadvertent error".

"We would like to apologise profusely for the mistake and would like to move on from here," she told the portal, adding that the clinic had been inundated with calls since the image of the MC slip was circulated.