Son chases out mum who is heavily in debt

A mother, heavily in debt after borrowing from loan sharks, was chased out of the house by her son, reported major Chinese dailies.

The 57-year-old tailor, who lives in Johor Baru, was said to have been involved in tontine schemes and has 15 outstanding debts, amounting to more than RM50,000.

Her son He Wei Hua, 36, daughter and two other sons are all married and have their own families.

He said the siblings had been helping their mother to pay off her debts for over 20 years.

"She has been in debt since we were young. Loan sharks, collectors and debtors would come to our house and even workplace asking for money. Our mother used to force us to beg or negotiate with them even when we were still small. We simply could not stand living like this anymore," said He, adding that the children had helped to pay hundreds of thousands of ringgit to settle their mother's debts.

He, who was diagnosed with stage-three liver cancer in 2006, said his mother moved from Ranau, Sabah, to Johor Baru to care for him.

"She was also running away from some loan sharks at that time. I thought she would change after coming here," he added.