Sources deny university lockdown over Anwar event

PETALING JAYA - Universiti Malaya will not be locked down on Monday as reported by a news portal, a source at the university said.

According to the source, no notice was issued by the university informing students of a lockdown over a student event at which opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is expected to speak.

"We are not aware of any such instructions.

"The students were not given the permission to hold the event and if they still go ahead with it, they will have to face the consequences. But there is no lockdown," the source said.

On Sunday, a news portal reported that all gates at the university would be closed, except the main gate, beginning 7am, Monday.

The report also said that police would be in charge of security at the university on the day.

University of Malaya Student Council (PMUM) deputy president Leong Yu Sheng said that notices of a lockdown were seen around the campus but that the university has denied making any such announcement.

"There were notices of a lockdown around the university especially at the bus stops, but the university has denied issuing the notices," he said, adding that he believed the notices were distributed by parties who wanted to stop students from attending Monday's talk.

"We believe it is the action of some irresponsible parties who want to create fear among the students.

"We will continue with the talk and are willing to face any consequences," Leong said.

The talk by Anwar, entitled "40 Years: From University of Malaya to Jail", is scheduled to be held at 9pm, Monday.