Space Mission attraction takes visitors to the final frontier

SHAH ALAM - The Space Mission will be the latest attraction to grace i-City here. Set to open on the eve of Chinese New Year, the attraction will offer an experience designed to give visitors a feel of space travel.

At the entrance, a countdown followed by a rocket "blast off" will greet visitors who will also have the option of renting astronaut suits.

To enter the Starship Explorer, the first part of the Space Mission, visitors board "space transporters" armed with "blaster guns", taking them through passages filled with robots and "alien eggs".

In these passages, the guns can be put to good use to "defend against an alien attack", and every hit will be electronically registered.

Visitors can also disembark from their transporters for the Viewing Deck featuring a moonscape and stars, or take a group photo as Star Trek-inspired characters at the Council Room command centre.

More fun photo opportunities await at the Armoury loaded with heavy weapons as well as a macabre Space Lab, where aliens are incubated in giant test tubes.

After this, visitors enter the so-called Intergalactic Travel, the secon­d part of the Space Mission, through a "worm hole" of cascading circular lights.

Visitors then switch vehicles and embark into little "space shuttles" and hurtle forward on a monorail to the next exhibit where they will encounter the wonders of two-­storey Gaia Trees of Life, which remind one of the scenes from the movie Avatar.

After passing the primeval forests at the Chimerion and the mysterious caves of the Mycelium, visitors come face to face with the full fury of Planet Red-X, which looks like Mars set ablaze.

The ride ends at the Planetarium where there are educational elements about the solar and stellar systems.

The Space Mission, which is spread out over 30,000 sq ft, will add on to i-City's existing attractions, namely House of Horror, Red Carpet Wax Museum, Snowalk, WaterWorld, Trick Art Museum and City of Digital Lights.

In a special Chinese New Year promotion, tickets are priced at RM15 (S$5.70) for each section of the Space Mission.

The attraction begins operation on Jan 30 (10am to midnight daily). For more information, log on to or call 03-5521 8494/8800.