'Sperm abuse' dispute comes to a head publicly

KUALA LUMPUR - The couple involved in the “sperm abuse” suit have taken their spat public, with each side firing salvos at each other to defend themselves.

The woman accused of “abusing” a Bosnian national’s sperm in order to have a child with his European genes claims his allegations are “completely baseless”.

“This is certainly not true!” claimed the former girlfriend of Ervin Ahbabovic on Tuesday.

“I am a respectable person. I don’t need to deal with this kind of gossip.”

She alleged that the 41-year-old was actually unemployed and not a commercial director of a private limited company in Malaysia as he claimed to be.The woman said she had not been in touch with her ex-boyfriend for over a year and that the lawsuit was “totally unexpected”.

In the statement of claim, Ahbabovic, a Malaysian permanent resident, said he entered into a relationship with the 29-year-old in the hope that he would establish a “God-blessed” union.

He alleged that they had lived together and had a baby boy on Feb 7, 2010. He had hoped that they would get married.The man filed the suit in the High Court registry through Messrs The Law Chambers of Mohamad Fauzi on Friday.

The suit was made known to the press on Tuesday.Meanwhile, Ahbabovic claimed that his former girlfriend had told him to “go die on the road” and he “was only a gigolo”.

The self-professed family man who declared that it was “love at first sight” said he was “heartbroken” after she supposedly used him to satisfy her sexual desires.He added that she also prevented him from seeing their three-year-old son.

“She needed a beautiful boy and she got it,” he said, claiming that the woman changed her mind about marrying him after their son was born.

He added that he had reservations about starting a relationship with her but said she insisted on continuing with it.

After their relationship ended, he claimed he was “thrown out of the house” with no car, clothes or money.

But even after his experience, Ahbabovic said it would be unfair to think that all Malaysian women had the same motive.He advised those like himself to learn about the woman’s culture and traditions and get their parents’ consent before getting attached.

“By then, you will know whether it’s about money, semen or something else. If it’s that way, don’t get married. It’s better to be single,” he said.

Ahbabovic remains hopeful of a reconciliation.