Sportsmen forced to endure blistering heat

PETALING JAYA: Athletes and sportsmen are among the worst hit by the ongoing heatwave.

But unlike others who can seek reprieve indoors, most of them have no choice but to endure the blistering heat.

Golfer Chan Tuck Soon has adapted to the tough conditions at the greens over the 12 years that he's been involved with the sport.

"Rain or shine, I still go for practice. But I have readjusted my outdoor training schedule.

"On hot days, I train at the driving range," said the 22-year-old, adding he has increased his water intake from his usual eight to 10 litres.

Diver Chew Yiwei, 21, said he was not worried about getting sunburnt.

"I'm always exposed to direct sunlight," he said.

However, his coach has the final say on whether outdoor training will go on.

"My coach does not want us to fall sick as it is getting too hot," he added.

Triple jumper Muhammad Hakimi Ismail, 25, said there was a dip in his performance these days.

"I become more fatigued on hot days," he said, adding he limited himself to drinking just one litre of water during training sessions.

"Otherwise, I feel bloated and this could affect my performance."

The heatwave, however, has had little impact on bowler Syaidatul Afifah Badrul Hamidi.

"Bowling is an indoor game. It may be scorching outside, but I train in an air-conditioned bowling alley," said the 25-year-old.